Time Sensitive Invitation From:  Mark Lyford

Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

Have you fallen victim to the lure of "Instant Internet Marketing Millions"?

You know what we're talking about, you opt into someone's list with the promises of 'exclusive information' about how “Mr. guru millionaire” went from sleeping on park benches and eating instant noodles to making millions of dollars in 30 days… blah... blah... blah.

It all sounds great, so you opt-in expecting some genuinely helpful information, but the next thing you know your e-mail box is getting slammed with invitations to join in on webinars, purchase products, and news of upcoming hyped-up product launches.

For most people, after purchasing several of these so-called “must have” products, that only wind up collecting dust on their hard drives, they find themselves out of pocket by several thousand dollars for overpriced information that's less useable than a Jell-O hammer!

This is the vicious cycle that’s happening every day to people just like you!

Now don't get us wrong, there are some justifiable $1,997 courses out there in the market, but the real problem is that there are too many copy cats selling crap to genuine people who frankly deserve much better.

And we're speaking from both our own personal experiences and from hearing the countless 'horror stories' from our readers and regular coaching students.

It's the reason why we're here today.  And the reason why we want to share with you the incredible story (and turn of fortune) about what happened just over 12 months ago for one inspirational member of our private coaching club.

Melissa was stuck solid in the same vicious loop of buying more products but getting nowhere fast until  a turn of luck and a bowl spaghetti changed her life!...

Here's what happened in Melissa's own words:


Right now small business owners are suffering more than ever and they need your help

In addition to the almost cataclysmic downturn in the economy, recent statistics published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), confirm that less than half of new businesses will actually make it beyond year five!

It's also a common acceptance that most business owners actually lose money for the first 2 or 3 years before even turning a modest profit...  And the ones that do survive, despite those dismal odds, squander their hard earned cash on outdated/ineffective ads and promotions.

Inspired by Melissa's story:  Over the last few months we've again been back into the 'trenches' ripping apart and (well 'spying' would be a suitable word I guess) on dozens of successful consultancy based businesses both in the US and the UK. 

We've taken their best strategies, and super-sized them with our combined 20+ years of online marketing expertise and devised the incredible "Local Marketing Maven System"

We're confident that armed with these in-depth videos anyone could quickly set up and grow their own successful consultancy business!

We'll show you everything... How to get started from nothing, how to look like a fortune 500 company for just pennies and importantly, how to avoid the common pitfalls would be consultants are making right now...  If you want to do this and get into big profits fast! then you owe it to yourself to grab this course right now!

And as a special bonus during our roll out period, we're also including instant access to a series of step-by-step videos where we show you how to offer easy to do 'services' that clients will literally bang down your door for and pay you thousands of dollars in fees to do for them!..

Interested?  You should be, but to help you decide that this is right for you...

...  Here's a summary of what you'll be watching:

Local Marketing Maven
Module #1: Setting Up Shop

In this video session we walk you through how to properly set the foundations for your local marketing business. Your business will look professional & trustworthy and it'll stand head and shoulders above any competitors.  (Despite the fact you did it on a shoestring budget).

This is basic stuff but vitally important, after all it's pretty hard to sell local businesses when you don't have a business properly set up yourself.

Most people think that setting up a business legally takes a ton of cash and resources.  Thing is that couldn't be further from the truth. (Watch module 1 and you'll know how to do it for less than $100)

An Inside look into why local marketing is “The” next big thing and why everyone, including gurus, are jumping on board to get a piece of this billion dollar pie.

The secrets to setting up a business name that attracts more clients than you can handle.

How to pick a Domain name that goes with your image and instantly brands your business.

The only hosting company that we use that handles all of our clients needs and offers customer support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The secrets to setting up a professional Corporate site that normally cost over $2,700 for less than $70.

How to setup a Corporate phone line for your business, with  professional features like music on hold, dial by name directories, call transferring to any number you choose, and professionally recorded greetings for Free!

How to get professional office space for your business along with a corporate address for only $30!

How to get your business listed in every 411 directory and local listing throughout the entire country.

How to get your professional business logo and stationery created for just pennies on the dollar!

The secret to structuring your business goals and objectives so that you can realistically achieve them in record time.

Local Marketing Maven
Module #2: Finding Clients

One of the biggest obstacles that stops people from successfully getting started with off-line marketing is actually finding clients willing to pay money for their services.

During our research it shocked us how many people go out and set up off-line businesses, they buy marketing materials, hire outsourcers, and do all this stuff-- but when it comes to time to actually make money, they have no idea how to actually get the clients!

By leveraging the tactics in this video, you'll never run into this problem yourself.

You'll learn how to find and attract hundreds of businesses that are already paying thousands of dollars on advertising that isn't even working for them. 

How hard do you think it would be to sell your services to a business that's already blowing over $5,500 month on wasted advertising? 
The owner is going to think that you are the answer to his prayers!

How to walk into any local business in your neighbourhood and walk out with a check in hand for at least $1,000!

How to leverage the power of networking to get businesses to come to you without you even having to do any marketing! (This one tactic alone is responsible for some consultants we spoke to building six-figure per month local marketing companies).

How to become known as the “go to person”, in your local marketplace for anything related to small business marketing.

How to have other people go out and sell your services for you costing you nothing out-of-pocket upfront.


Local Marketing Maven
Module #3: The First Deal

It's one thing to find clients, but it's another thing to actually present your value and close the deal like a Pro.

In this video you'll learn how to clear this first hurdle and make hiring you a no-brainer decision to qualified clients.

Instead of you chasing them, these positioning tactics will have them chase you.

The secrets in this one video alone could mean the difference between success and failure in any local marketing business.

The secrets to successful face-to-face meetings. In this video we explain how to reverse the fear of face to face meetings and take control. We even cover what you should wear, what to say, and how to have the client set their own price when paying you!

You'll learn why your clients need you more than you need them and how to use specific words to make this point and close any deal quickly!

Why it's critical that you evaluate and qualify potential clients before agreeing to work with them. By getting this right you'll save yourself tons of time and headaches by avoiding the "deadbeat” clients.

We'll give you our proven 'client contact system' that targets clients in multiple ways so your message is always in front of them. (This is a tactic alone will land you three times more clients than your average local marketer).

Local Marketing Maven
Module #
4: Managing Your Clients

In this video, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at how we actually set up clients into our client management system, so that you can do the same to keep things efficient and better organized.

Discover the key pieces of information that you must get from your new clients before you start working with them to ensure everything runs smoothly and you don't run into problems later in the process.

Plus a super easy method to get your client's business information listed in the Google places directory (you can easily charge them a premium fee for this service and it only takes a few minutes to set up).

Revealed:  The secret to advanced project management that enables you to manage multiple clients at a time without ever getting individual work or parts of each project confused.

PLUS+  A creative little method to set up an instructions system that you can use to relay information to your clients without having to type or write it out for them piece by piece.  (It's a HUGE time saver)


Local Marketing Maven
Module #
5: Getting Paid

This video will show you how to handle one of the most critical yet often overlooked elements of this business… guaranteeing you get paid!

This is must know stuff and we'll arm you with all the necessary precautions to take that will prevent your business losing money or even getting ripped off.

We'll cover which payment processor is best for you based on the volume and the types of transaction that you plan on setting up with your clients. (Important:  This is not a one-size-fits-all type of deal and there are some key differences that you need to know between the major processors.)

Plus+  Discover how to set up a traditional merchant account regardless of your current credit score and irrespective of whether you've had a merchant account in the past


Local Marketing Maven
Module #
6: Local SEO Tactic

In this video you'll learn the profitable secrets behind optimizing your client's websites for masses of local traffic.

There are some key differences that you need to apply to make your clients listings rise to the top and you discover them all!

How to apply our proven set of “On Page” SEO rules that will give your client’s sites the unfair advantage in the search engine rankings.  (command big fees for doing this for them)

Our secret “off page” optimization strategies that will give your client’s sites an immediate boost in the search engine rankings, with little to no effort at all. (easy money for you)

The proper way to build back links for local business in a local marketing campaign. All backlinking isn't created equal, and we'll show you how to apply a proven system to get only high quality back links that will help your clients the most.

Plus+:  You'll learn the primary factors that you need to know and understand in order to properly optimize your client sites to achieve rankings in the shortest time possible.


Local Marketing Maven
Module #7: Social Marketing

In this video module will break the silence on how you can really leverage the power of social marketing for your clients.  Discover how to rapidly boost their traffic for massive with the minimum effort.

Social Marketing will put your clients businesses right in front of their target audiences on a regular basis and they'll pay well for it!

The right way to leverage the power of Social property Linkwheels and how to get them built for you on autopilot so you get paid without having to do a thing.

The secret to getting higher search engine rankings by utilizing powerful blog commenting techniques.

How to quickly utilize social bookmarking to accelerate your backlink building and increase your client's traffic.

The secret to leveraging social profile sites to generate a high page rank back links and targeted traffic on-demand.

Secret social marketing tools we use to make things 10x's easier.  (Have your clients think you worked on this for weeks but the truth is you could do it in a couple of hours)

How to dramatically increase your client’s exposure by putting their businesses on Facebook (but without any of the associated issues)


Local Marketing Maven
Module #8: Video Marketing

In this video you'll discover how to use powerful video marketing methods to completely dominate any local market for your client.

We'll reveal how to create high-end commercial grade videos your clients will go crazy for and for less than the price of a cheeseburger.  (this is incredibly powerful...  Your clients will think that you have a professional video studio and spent months putting these highly polished productions together.)

PLUS+  Our secret list of key video submission spots that guarantee maximum exposure and search engine benefits for your clients.


Local Marketing Maven
Module #9: Local Email Marketing

One of the easiest ways for any business to increase their revenue is by tapping into their existing customer base.  Knowing this (and how to do it) can put your own business profits into orbit!

We'll guide you through exactly how to provide your clients with an autoresponder service that guarantees huge profits for you. (Surprisingly most businesses aren't even aware of the fact that they can capture their customers contact information!)

Discover how to harness the true power of Autoresponders and specifically how to tweak everything so that things work like a well oiled machine in the local marketplace. 

In this video you'll learn how to set up a bulletproof e-mail marketing system for your clients so that they literally triple their revenue in less than 60 days!


Local Marketing Maven
Module #10: Client Referrals

In this video module we explain how to ensure that you have happy clients that a) will do repeat business with you, and  b) will be delighted to send you more and more referrals on a regular basis.

How to keep in constant contact with the client to make sure that they stay up-to-date with what you're doing for them and confident in the service that you are providing them.

How to leverage the positive feedback that one clients gives you to get the business of other clients and build a perpetual funnel of business on a long-term basis .

How to set up a special communication mechanism so that you can effectively manage your clients without them feeling neglected and without you feeling overwhelmed.

By simply following these tips and building a list of happy clients you'll never have to worry about finding new business again!


Local Marketing Maven
Module #11: Scaling The Business

In this must see video you’ll discover how can take your business to the next level by scaling your efforts and taking on more clients outside of your local economy.  (get ready for MEGA profits)

Discover how to get referrals from your clients without even asking for them and constantly pump fresh profits into your business.

How to create a media frenzy and a flood of new business for your clients using the power of press releases.

How to put your entire business on autopilot and grow it faster than you ever imagined (spend just 3 to 4 hours a week actually doing any work).

How to build your business in a way so that you can cash out and sell it in the future for 10 times what it makes yearly!

We show you how to start generating a couple of thousand dollars each week in your business then show you how to turn that into a MILLION DOLLAR nest egg


Local Marketing Maven
Module #12: The $22k Method

In this amazing video module you'll discover a killer marketing tactic that eliminates 99% of all the obstacles that most local marketers face when starting up their business.

This tactic by itself was used over a 72 hour period to rake in over $22,000 just by sending out some e-mails and only speaking to a few people. There is nothing else like this online ANYWHERE!

This module alone is worth more than 10 x times the price of the entire course and it could easily give you a mid six-figure business!


But Wait!!!  Just before you place your order we wanted to tell you about the total satisfaction guarantee that we're bolting onto the Local Marketing Maven training system

You can get access right now and get started today totally risk free....

Okay, so what's the bottom line then?

Think of it like this:  What is a proven training system like this actually worth to you, your business, and your family.  Just imagine what it will feel like in just a few weeks from now when you're the owner of your own highly profitable local marketing consultancy business -

What's that worth to you?

  • $7,000?

  • $15,000?

  • Perhaps $25,000 (The actual cost to buy a franchised consultancy business)

But we're not going to charge anything close to that amount.  SEE SPECIAL PRICE BELOW

We know what it's like to be starting form the scratch. We know what it's like juggling a full time job while trying to jump into the entrepreneurial world business.

We genuinely believe this course is worth thousands of dollars both in terms of real world value and the amount of time and money knowing this material will save you.  Heck we've even seen similar (but vastly inferior) training courses sell for over $1,000...


Grant me instant access to your "Local Marketing Maven" video training course so I can get started with my own profitable local marketing consultancy business today!

I'll get download access to all 12 videos modules (over 4 hours of material and for the special launch price of just $497 $97.00 

Local Marketing Maven - System [SPECIAL OFFER]

Reminder: don't forget that you have the assurance of our 60 day 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied all you have to do is ask for refund within the first 60 days and we'll give it to you no questions asked.



Still Unsure?  Remember EVERYTHING is backed up by our 100% risk free guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose by placing your order right now.

And remember the strategies and methods taught in our videos are the result of months of research, testing and tweaking to deliver them to you in the format that they are today... there was blood, sweat, and tears put into this material.

If you would rather 'go it alone' that's fine with us but you'll miss out on a golden opportunity to shortcut the process and save heaps of time and money.  Leverage of our mishaps and skip the entire trial and error phase altogether. This is your chance to get a proven system that will allow you to build the kind of business you want to own and fast!

You won't find this information anywhere else on the Internet we guarantee it... you're getting the fruits of our labours laid out for you in a step-by-step highly effective highly scalable foolproof local marketing system.

Mark Lyford
I Hope To See You Inside!


P.S.   An additional important point…  If for some reason if you're still on the fence about making this purchase, remember that you can try the system out risk-free for eight weeks. If you are unsatisfied in any way, we'll happily refund 100% of your money-no questions asked - no hassles at all! That's how confident we are that this system can completely “make over” your entire marketing business just like it has done for countless others.

So stop getting in your own way and place your order today!  Download Your Copy Now!


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